How to Use Shampoo Bars? Just 3 Easy Steps!

Say No to Greasy And Unhealthy Hair!

We all know combating hair oiliness is a long-term war. Busying looking for greasy hair solutions or trying home remedies to treat hair problems is just overwhelming one's daily routine. With sulfate (SLS) free shampoo bars, you can always keep your hair refreshed and zero greasiness - so you can confidently outshine yourself!



Why Should We Choose Shampoo Bars?

We Love Shampoo Bars!

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to liquid shampoos—they’ll leave hair oil-free and healthy by helping to restore the scalp's pH balance and therefore control oil production.

Enjoy Sustainable Living!

Clarifies and refreshes hair without the need for plastic bottles. There are full of finest essential oils and the freshest ingredients. They may looks tiny but they comes with a lot of natural benefits, and even giving you up to 80 washes!

Kick Out Unhealthy Ingredients!

Chemical like sulfate which is the most commonly used detergent in beauty industry can causes various levels of hair loss and skin irritation. The situation gets worse the longer the product is in contact with the skin. Unlike sufate (SLS) free shampoo bars, they can be much kinder to your skin, less irritating for sensitive scalps, and won't dry your hair out!


How to Use Shampoo Bars?

Just 3 Easy Steps!

  • Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair.
  • Gently massage into your hair and scalp.
  • Rinse clean.

Go The Extra Mile!

  • Apply hair conditioner/treatment/serum as needed.
  • Keep your shampoo bar away from water and enjoy your refreshed hair.

How to Keep Used Shampoo Bars?

Always On The Go?

Keep your shampoo bar in our perfectly sized shampoo bar tin that takes up very little space, keeps your bars protected, and ensures there’s no post-shower mess.

Enjoy Hanging Around?

Dry the soap by hanging the soap bag in the air! Because you can hang it up in the shower, it also saves precious shelf space. Put your soap in the bag and keep it in there until it's completely gone.


Now It's Time to Shine!

Show up in every single moment like you're meant to be there. Trust me, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence!