Our Story

Handmade Natural Skincare and Spa Products

Bathing Tapir is a naturalism brand that shares the benefits of nature from earth allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an earth-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. We love nature and we strongly believe that natural remedies are the best regimen to take care of our skin!


Our Brand Story

Bathing Tapir is established in 2017 by two passionate ladies with the purpose to create a brand that preserves the beauty of nature through handmade soaps and natural skin cares. With deep love in soap making, they committed themselves to promote skin cares products that are full of natural ingredients and flowery aroma, which at the same time brings the minimum harm to skin and the lovely mother earth. 

Bathing Tapir to be Shared Worldwide! 

Bathing Tapir serves hundreds and thousands of customers, and selling many collections of skin cares on an international scale. There are more than 30 product categories, a hundred types of soaps and skin cares, and shipping to our customers in over 30 countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, and the United States. Over 60% of Bathing Tapir's products are sold worldwide, making it a great Malaysian handmade soap signature to be shared with friends and family as a gift! 


Why Bathing Tapir?

A tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, with a short, prehensile snout that inhabits the jungle and forest regions of Southeastern Asia. Although they frequently live in dryland forests, tapirs with access to rivers spend a good deal of time underwater, feeding on soft vegetation, taking refuge from predators, and cooling off during hot periods. Tapir species are on the IUCN Red List. It listed as endangered because its populations may have declined more than 50% in the past three generations.

We care and protect nature in every step, which shows our practices in caring the nature!



We are a team striving for natural authenticity!

Introducing Bathing Tapir, who loves nature and is dedicated to protecting every single piece of mother earth. All our soaps are handpicked by soap designers to provide the best and finest quality.

Upholding the belief in providing the simplest, most beautiful, and natural products, they care for every user’s skin and body just as the endangered Malayan Tapir who need the most gentle care of human.